Those who wish to be members of our association, fill out the membership application form after reading the details below, and send our association address along with other required documents will be enough.

Real and legal persons may become members of the Association. Natural and legal persons may be members of the association are shown below.

  1. Natural persons: foreigners with residence permits in Turkey with the citizens of the Republic of Turkey act as a real person's license may be members of the association.
  2. Legal persons: private sector organizations and non-governmental organizations operating in the conditions cited in Master membership. The association of legal entities (1) may be represented by members and honorary members.


Natural and legal persons candidates wishing to become members of the association, said that they have the Association's purposes and that they accept the provisions of regulations in their field and the necessary conditions for membership "Membership Form" after the signing of the fill in the necessary information, crop must submit the association's address is also putting the following information.

  1. 2 passport photos
  2. Copy of Birth Certificate


Address: 1392 .Sokak 14-16 Balgat / ANKARA

Phone: 0312 481 71 08

E-mail: dunsev@dunsev.org

The Association membership application form here you can download.

The bylaws of our association here you can reach.

Questions, comments and suggestions here can convey.