Name of the Association: "World Cerebral Palsy Association - DÜNSEV" dr .

The Association is the center of Ankara.

The Association may open branches abroad and within the country.

The Association of cerebral palsy individuals' education and family health, economic, social, cultural, artistic, sporting, making their activities and development to ensure that educational institutions, open rehabilitation centers and hospitals or to work on this issue or person and to support the organization or cooperation. Cerebral palsy children, upgrade education and health facilities, develop academic and institutional collaboration to improve the quality of life, it has been established to provide information and support technology.

Topics and Formats Working to continuing the Association

  1. Annual Activating and conduct research for the development,
  2. Courses, seminars, training activities, such as organizing conferences and panels,
  3. The aim of all the information necessary to perform, document, providing documents and publications, to create a documentation center, the newspaper for the purpose to publicize the activities, magazines, books take off work and information bulletins to be distributed to members with publications such as,
  4. The goal of providing a healthy work environment for the realization of all technical tools and equipment, to ensure the fixtures and stationery,
  5. Necessary permissions in fundraising activities to be provided there and accept donations from home and abroad,
  6. Regulation aims to ensure the economic income it needs for the realization of commercial and industrial enterprises to establish and operate to partner with the company to be a shareholder in the company,
  7. The benefit of its members and can assess their leisure local open, establish social and cultural facilities and refurbish them,
  8. Members include dinner meeting for the development of human relations and to continue, concerts, dance, theater, exhibitions, sports, sightseeing and fun and so effective. edit or members provide benefit from such activities,
  9. M0ovable needed for the activities of the Association, to purchase immovable property, sell, lease, rent and have the same rights over immovable property,
  10. Aim to establish a foundation, if deemed necessary for the realization of the federation to set up or join a federation committee, set up facility may establish with the permission of the association taking the necessary permissions,
  11. Engage in international activities and join associations or organizations abroad and to collaborate in some project or cooperate with these organizations,
  12. Realize the goals of the association for similar purpose associations, trade unions and employers and receive financial assistance from the professional organization and name are in financial assistance to the institution,
  13. If it is deemed necessary for the realization of the goal, No. 5072, Associations and Foundations of Public Institutions Relations to the Law on the provisions to carry out joint projects on issues of jurisdiction and public institutions and organizations,
  14. Food association members, with essential necessities such as clothing and other goods and services to build the polls in order to meet short-term credit needs,
  15. To open branches and representative offices where necessary,
  16. Association with the aim of having areas of interest and prohibited by the laws, other associations or foundations, to create platforms to achieve a common purpose with trade unions and other civil society organizations,
  17. Cerebral palsy children's education / training or providing open schools will see the opening
  18. Cerebral palsy children, work, work environment and to acquire the skills for the creation,
  19. Cerebral palsy children's artistic, cultural, sporting and social development and promote the open exchange and to enhance their ability to organize demonstrations,
  20. Cerebral palsy children in open centers for health and rehabilitation or providing open
  21. Dance, theater and folklore and teaching centers and sporting activities to make / school opens
  22. Cerebral palsi'lig in order to reduce maternal and infant health in the increasing social awareness,
  23. During pregnancy Cerebral palsy league risks will cause, to increase public awareness of bad habits,
  24. Consanguineous marriage and prevention of genetic diseases caused by cerebral palsy in the league to increase public awareness to reduce,
  25. The right treatment and rehabilitation to increase social consciousness,
  26. Cerebral palsy & G to produce equipment that will be used to provide or work
  27. Cerebral palsy like individual attention to issues of corporate, national and international scientific works of all kinds or participate
  28. Inclusion of providing education to spread across Turkey,
  29. Cerebral palsy s theater and dance theater work for the establishment,
  30. To those in need, located in food banking activities to help the poor.

Activity Areas Association

Society, social, cultural, educational, health, economic, artistic and sporting operates in the area.

Having the capacity to act and has the right to association's aims and who agree to work in this direction by adopting the principles and all natural and legal persons with the legislative requirements stipulated by being a member of this association, however, foreigners have to settle right in Turkey to be a member of a real person in need. This condition does not apply to honorary membership. President of the Association membership application to be made ??in writing to the association board of directors is connected to most decision within thirty days of membership acceptance or denial of the request form and results communicated to the applicant in writing. Application accepted by members, registered in the book kept for this purpose. Permanent members of the association, people are admitted to membership on the board of directors of the association's founders applications. Association who have provided important support to the material and spiritual care can be regarded as an honorary member of the management board. When opened branch of the Association of associations registered in the center of the registered members, who want to be transferred to the nearest branch records. New membership applications are made ??to the branches. Join accepted and be carried out by the branch board of directors and the membership will be notified in writing to the Head Office within thirty days.

Each member with a written notice, has the right to leave the association. Members of the resignation of the board reaches the exit process which resulted in the sayılır.üyelik separation, the member does not terminate the accumulated debts of the association.

cases which require removal from the Association membership.

  1. Are in violation of Association Regulations,
  2. To avoid constant of the given task,
  3. Despite written warnings to pay the membership fee in six months,
  4. Association to comply with the decisions taken by,
  5. Have lost its conditions Members,

Of the cases listed above can be removed from membership by a decision of the board in case of detection of at least one. Association or from the Excluded members are deleted from the registry and can not claim the assets of the association.

The bodies of the Association are as follows;

  1. The General Assembly,
  2. The Board of Directors
  3. The Board of Supervisors

The General Assembly is the highest decision making body of the association; Branches with registered members of the association is composed of delegates elected by the registered members.

General Assembly;

  1. Given at the time of the ordinary in this regulation,
  2. Management or supervisory board when it deems necessary or upon written request within thirty days, the five members of the association convenes extraordinary. Ordinary General Assembly every 3 years, in September, where day management board and is collected at the time to be determined. General meeting of the board of directors invoked. The board does not convene the general assembly meeting; peace on the application of the member judge will appoint three members of the General Assembly calling for a meeting.

Call Procedure

The board will compile a list of members entitled to attend the General Meeting according to the association's bylaws. General Assembly members entitled to attend, at least fifteen days prior to the date, time, place and agenda of the meeting to be published in a newspaper or by notice in writing or by electronic mail. This call is not made ??due to not meeting quorum, a second meeting's date, time and place mentioned will be made. The time between the first and second meetings less than seven days and not more than sixty days. If the meeting is postponed for any other reason than lack of majority achieved in this case by specifying the reasons for postponement, announced to members in accordance with the procedures call for the first meeting. From the date of the postponed meeting must be held within six months. Members of the second meeting will be called according to the principles stated in the first paragraph. General Assembly can not be postponed more than once.

Meeting Procedure

The General Assembly of the absolute majority of the members entitled to attend, the association's bylaws amendment and termination of the participation of two-thirds of the cases are collected; Majority is not sought in the second meeting in case the meeting is postponed due to failure to provide the majority. However, the number of members attending the meeting, the management and supervisory board members may not be less than twice the integer. Bulundururl ready list meeting place of the members entitled to attend the General Meeting. Government-issued identity documents of the members to enter the meeting, board members and management board is controlled by officials to be appointed. Members can enter the meeting by signing the board of directors held against their names in the lists. If the quorum provided a written report to be opened by the state and the meeting chairman or board member will be appointed. In the absence of a quorum of the board of directors held a minute. After the opening, with a president elected secretary and deputy chairman up enough to run the meeting council committee is created. In voting for the election of the Association bodies, votes to show their identity cards to members of the council committee and is ready to sign their names on the list are mandatory flour. Ensuring the management and security of the meeting chairman. General Assembly, only the items on the agenda. However, to be discussed by one-tenth of the members present in the meeting must be requested in writing the topics on the agenda. Each member has one vote in the General Assembly; the member must vote in person. Honorary members may attend general meetings but can not vote. In case of a legal person is a member, the chairman of the legal entity or person to be appointed by vote. Topics discussed at the meeting and the decisions taken jointly signed by the secretary and the chairman of a report is written. Meeting at the end, minutes and other documents submitted to the chairman of the board of directors edilir.yönet my chairman is responsible for the preservation of these documents and to deliver the newly elected board of directors within seven days.

General on the establishment, on the contrary , if decision-making, management and supervisory board of elections by secret ballot on other issues if decisions are not as clear. Secret votes are sealed by the chairperson paper after required by the members of the house after blank ballots or collected and disposed of with the rough end of the vote has not been determined by open cast. Open voting, the method will be specified by the General Assembly president. General Assembly decisions are taken by a simple majority of the members attending the meeting. So far, the association's bylaws amendment and termination decisions, but a third of the members attending the meeting can be obtained by two-thirds majority.

Meeting or Appeal Decisions on

All of all members together without coming to decisions taken by written participation association members of the decisions taken together a written call procedure without complying in this statute applies .This is not a substitute for meeting the usual take decisions in such a way.

The following matters shall be decided by writing general assembly.

  1. Selecting the Association bodies,
  2. Changing the Association's statute,
  3. Discussion and discharge of the management board and supervisory board report
  4. The board of directors discussed the adoption or amendment of the budget prepared,
  5. supervising and taking the need to justify the reasons for their dismissal in the lead of other organs of the Association,
  6. Join the rejection or expulsion from membership on the board of examination of appeals against the decisions and the determination,
  7. Authorizing the Board of Directors for the purchase of immovable property which is essential for the Association or selling of existing real property matters,
  8. The board of directors will be prepared just examine the association regulations regarding work approval or amendment,
  9. All kinds of management and supervisory board of the Association allowance will be given to public officials charged with non-chairmen and members, allowances and compensation will be given to the members appointed to the association of daily allowances and travel services to identify,
  10. Deciding to join a federation of separation and to authorize the board of directors and respect,
  11. Deciding the opening of the Association's branches and branch operations related to the execution of the decision to authorize the Board of Directors with respect to the opening,
  12. Association international to be active, to participate as members of associations and organizations abroad or separation,
  13. Establish the foundation of the Association,
  14. Dissolution of the Association
  15. The determination of the Board of Directors examined the other recommendations,
  16. As the most competent body is not given to any other organ of the association use of the authority's work be seen and associations,
  17. Legislation to fulfill other duties designated to the General Assembly.

The Board of Directors elected by the General Assembly as nine rebels and eight alternate members. The Board of Directors made ??a decision to head the task division in the first meeting after the election, vice president, secretary, treasurer and members. The Board of Directors provided that all members of the news can always be convened. Half of the total number of members will meet with the presence of a surplus. Decisions are members attending the meeting are taken by simple majority of the total number. The principal members of the Board of Directors resign or to be discharged for other reasons if the order receives a majority vote in the General Assembly is compulsory to call the office of the deputy members.

Duties and Powers of the Board of Directors

The Board of Directors fulfills the following.

  1. Represent the Association on this issue or authorize one of its members or a third person to give,
  2. Revenue and expense accounts and make transactions related to the General Assembly to present to prepare the budget for the next term,
  3. Prepare regulations related to the association's efforts to present to the General Assembly approval,
  4. General Assembly the authorization to buy movable and immovable property, the association of movable and sell immovable property, to construct a building or facility, the lease agreement to the association in favor of the pledge mortgage or real rights in property, transfer, transfer receive education, treatment diagnosis, accommodation center, village life and similar construction, buildings, buy, sell, take over, to transfer, to rent, to partner, to sign cooperation protocols related to construction,
  5. Provide the General Assembly with the implementation of the authorization procedures for opening branches,
  6. To ensure supervision of the Association's branches,
  7. Ensure the opening of representative offices where necessary,
  8. General Assembly to implement the decisions taken,
  9. At the end of each activity the association's business account statement or balance sheet and edit the work report of the board of directors of the income statement to present to the General Assembly when it meets,
  10. Ensure the implementation of the budget,
  11. Associations to decide their members be removed from membership or issue,
  12. Take all sorts of decisions within the authority to carry out and implement the goals of the association,
  13. Legislation to other duties and exercise the powers given to him.
  14. Association according to the needs of staff recruiting, dismissing, salaries, salary increases, staff costs, pay statutory damages in appropriate cases.
  15. Open training center, organizing courses at the center, to sign cooperation protocols with relevant organizations and institutions with courses, instructors deploy to meet the needs of the course,
  16. Evaluation of the products produced in the course, sell, edit organizations to share,
  17. To prepare projects for the purposes of the association is to establish partnerships with the European Union to prepare and implement projects, apply.
  18. To prepare an organizational chart to ensure the proper functioning of the Association and to prepare a management scheme that specifies the duties and responsibilities of all employees.
  19. The General Assembly after each new board's election after the board with the organization that works among the 5 members of the Board of Directors in order to ensure a healthy coordination, one member shall be from 1 member organization that works with a total of 7 people, including the members of the association, duties and powers of the general assembly determined by regulations approved "Executive Committee" be formed.

Supervisory Board is elected by the General Assembly three full and three alternate members. The supervisory board resigned in actual membership or other reasons to be discharged if the order is received in the General Assembly by a majority vote of members is compulsory to call to reserve duty.

Duties and Powers of the Supervisory Board

The supervisory board; association, according to study subjects stated to be maintained for the realization of the goals and objectives in its bylaws that showing activity books, accounts and records are kept in accordance with the legislation and statute of the association, according to the association rules determined in rules and procedures and checks at intervals not exceeding one year and inspection results of a report in the general assembly provides that the board of directors and collected. the Audit committee will call a plenary meeting necessary.

Sources of income of the Association are listed below.

  1. Membership dues: input from member dues as 25 YTL and YTL 7.5 received monthly dues. The amount of increase or decrease is the General Assembly authorized,
  2. Branch contributions to: 25's% of the membership fees collected by the branch to meet the general expenses of the Association will be sent to the headquarters every six months,
  3. Facts and donations made to the association of legal entities with their request and benefits,
  4. Teas and luncheons by the Association of leisure and entertainment, performances, concerts, sports competitions and revenues generated from activities such as conferences,
  5. Income derived from the assets of the Association's property,
  6. Donations will be collected in accordance with the legislation on the collection and assistance Help,
  7. The Society gains derived from commercial activities in order to provide the income needed to accomplish the purpose,
  8. Victims cost by collecting proxy sacrifice and distribute or income derived from fees for victims to accept donations,
  9. Other income.

Bookkeeping Basics

The Association, the carrying amounts on the basis of business accounts. However, if the gross annual income does not exceed the limits specified in the legislation of the accounting period starting from the following books are kept in the balance sheet. In case of switching on the balance sheet basis, if they fall under the above-mentioned period of two consecutive rate account, it can return to business accounts system from the following year. limit mentioned above may be connected without the decision of the board book on the basis of the balance sheet. In case of opening the commercial business of the association, this is for commercial enterprises, as well as books are kept in accordance with the provisions of the Tax Procedure Law.

Registration Procedure

Procedures specified in the Regulations and the association's books and records kept in accordance with the principles of the Association.

Held-to books

The Association is held following books.

  1. Books and principles to be followed will be based on operating accounts are as follows:
    1. Decision Book: The board decided the date and number signed by the members who attended the six meetings and decisions are written in this book, respectively two- Member Registry: The credentials of the members of the association, the association for entry and exit dates are written in this book. Annual fees paid by the members entry and can be handled in this book.
    2. Documents Registration Book: Incoming and outgoing documents are recorded in this book with the date and order number. The original copies of incoming documents and outgoing documents are filed. Via electronic mail, incoming or outgoing documents are kept in the form of printouts.
    3. Inventory Book: they are or where they are used and shape of the acquisition date inventory of association and to strike those who fill their lifetime are recorded in this book.
    4. Operating Account Book: Revenues and expenses incurred by the association shall be clearly and regularly in this book.
    5. Receipt of the Record Book: Receipts of series and sequence numbers, these documents are not returned to the field and name, and the date of their return and they receive the names and signatures are written in this book.
  2. The book will be kept on the banjo and the principles to be followed are as follows:
    1. (a) of paragraph 1, 2, 3 and 6 th will be registered in the case of subparagraph books to keep books on the basis of the balance sheet.
    2. Journal, Ledger and Inventory Book: registration form and method of keeping these books Tax Law with the Law issued pursuant to the authority granted by the Ministry of Finance Accounting System Application General Communiqué are made ??according to the principles.

Book of Attestation

The Association before starting to use the books must be kept to be approved by the provincial associations or notary public. These books will be continued until the page is finished and will not be used in the interim approval of the book. However, the books kept in the balance sheet form or continuous form-leaf notebook of the last month of the first year will be used, it must be re-certified every year.

Income Statement and Balance Sheet Arrangement

Business account basis, according to case records kept at the end of the year (December 31) (Associations Regulations specified in Annex-16) "Business Account Statement" is issued. In case of keeping records on balance basis, the end of the year (December 31), the Ministry of Finance issued by the General Communiqué on Accounting System Application based on the balance sheet and income statement is issued.

Income and expenditure documents;

Revenues Association (Association Regulation with examples in Annex 17) "Receipt" is charged with. Association held by the bank in case of revenue collection through the bank receipt as proof of receipt or bank statement replaces documents. Expenses of the Association invoice, retail sales slip, made ??by expenditure documents such as receipts for professional services. However, associations, Income Tax Law, according to the Tax Procedure Law for payments within the scope of Article 94 of expense receipts for the payments not in this context (Association Regulation, a sample Appendix-13), "Expense Receipt" is issued. Person by the association, organization or institution to transfer goods and services to be delivered (Association Regulation, a sample Annex 14) "Help Delivery Same Document" is done with. The persons, institutions or organizations free of charge goods and services to be delivered by the associations (associations with Annex 15 to the Regulation) "in-kind Donation Receipt" to be accepted.


Society to be used in the collection of revenue "Receipts" (Associations Regulations which form and dimensions shown in Annex 17) the decision of the board is pressed against the printing press. suppression of receipts and control, to be delivered from the printing press, to be recorded in the book, is moving the old and the Regulation on the new treasurer will collect revenue on behalf of the association with the handover and receipt of the by person or persons for the use of these receipts and Associations on matters relating to the delivery of collected revenues according to the relevant provisions .

Licence of authorization

The person or persons to collect income on behalf of the Association, authorized by the specified time will be determined by the board's decision. Clear identification of people come to collect signatures and containing the photo (Association found examples in the Regulation EK-19) "Certificate of Authorization" issued in triplicate by the association, the association board chairman approved. A copy of the Certificate is given to associations units. Changes chairman of the board of directors related to the mandate, fifteen notified the association unit during the day. People will collect revenue on behalf of the association, but a copy of the authorization certificates issued to name associations can begin to collect revenue has been given to the unit. The use of authorization, renewal, return and other issues the Association is to act in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Regulation.

The retention period of Income and Expense Documents

Except for books, documents were used by associations, expenditure documents and other documents Without prejudice to the time specified in the special laws, according to the order number and the date they were recorded in the books kept for 5 years.

The Association of the previous year's activities and income and expense transactions last year on the results of its (presented in the Regulation of Associations Appendix-21) "Society Declaration" after approval by the association board of directors, in the first four months of each calendar year the civil concerned by the president of the association given the administrative authority.

Notifications to be made to civil authorities;

General Meeting Notice Results

Ordinary and extraordinary general assembly meetings within the next thirty days, the management and supervisory boards by including principal and alternate members were elected to other organs (Associations Regulations Annex 3 presented) "General Meeting Notification of Results" and adds board administrative authority concerned by the president reported:

Reporting results to the General Assembly;

  1. Court president, vice president and general assembly meeting minutes signed by the registrar example,
  2. If the charter amendment, the management and every page of the final shape of the new statute of the association with the old way of changing articles of the regulation board signed sample is added.

Notification of Immovable

From the registration of immovable land acquired by the association within thirty days (presented in Appendix 26 of the Regulation of Associations) "Immovable Property Declaration" which will be notified by the local authority to fill.

Help from abroad Receiving Notice

By the association before getting help if there will be help from abroad (Association Regulations specified in Annex 4) "Receiving Help from abroad Notification" and notifies the local authority to fill in two copies. Notification form, the foreign aid received in respect of the board of directors decided to sample protocol designed in this regard if, contracts and other documents related to accounts that help transfer receipt , a copy of the extras and similar documents are added. Receipt of cash assistance through banks and the notification requirement must be fulfilled before use.

Public institutions and organizations with projects conducted in collaboration with the Joint Statement

Public institutions on issues concerning associations involved and made with regard to joint projects with organizations protocols and sample projects (Association Regulation indicated in Annex 23) "Project Notification" adding, given the protocol following the date a month in the place where the association's central governorates.

Notification of Changes

Associations, changes in the settlements (Association Regulation EK-24 specified) Settlement "Location Change Notice", the General Assembly changes occurring in association organs outside the meeting (Association Regulation EK-25 specified) "Association Notification of Changes in Body" to be filled by the notified to the administrative authority within thirty days of the change. Associations amendment to the statutes at the general meeting where the within thirty days following the bylaw amendments, notified the General Assembly notified to the local authority in the annex.

Association general meeting, board of directors or audit Internal audit can be done by the board, the audit can be performed by independent auditing firms. The general assembly, board of directors or audit to be conducted by independent audit firms, the audit committee does not eliminate the obligation. once a year by the association's audit of the supervisory board is performed. The General Assembly and the Board of Directors, if deemed necessary or can they can control to control the independent auditor.

Achieve the objectives of the Association and make borrowing decisions by the General Assembly in case of need to carry out their activities. This borrowing such as credit purchase goods and services in cash will be the subject t to be done .However , this borrowing in the amount not covered by the association and the association is not possible sources of revenue to pay or cause difficulties.

Association, the General Assembly decided where necessary branch açabilir.Bir of at least three people founders intended association management kurlun authorized by the board of the Association for the branch foundation notice specified in the Regulation and the required documents, to the highest territorial governor of the location of branches will be opened.

Branches are unincorporated, in making autonomous activities in line with the Association's purpose and service duties and authority issues, the association claims arising from all processes and internal organization which is responsible for its own debt.

The organs of the branch general assembly, board of directors and audit is based . The General Assembly is composed of branches registered members. The board, five regular and five substitute, audit committee and the three main branches of the three alternate members elected by the general assembly. The duties and powers of the organs with other provisions relating to association located in these regulations, within the limits of the legislative branch are also applied.

Branches must finish at least two months before the General Assembly is held at the headquarters of the general meeting. Branches of the ordinary general assembly, a 3-year, in June, the branch management day, place and time to be determined committee collected. Branches, notice of a general meeting results such as the local authority within thirty days following the date of the meeting is made ??and shall notify the association headquarters. Branches are represented by the general assembly centers plenary elected and natural delegates. Branches, naturally delegate management and supervisory board presidents, each twenty registered office (20) for a member (1), the remaining members number more than 10, or total members If the number is less than 20 as elective delegates in the delegates will be selected to be one of those members, the headquarters representing the branch has the right to participate in the general assembly. headquarters participated in the latest branch general delegates elected the board of the general assembly. Headquarters management and supervisory board members attended the headquarters of the General Assembly, but on behalf of branch delegates can not vote unless they are selected. Those officials are separated from the branch of the management or supervisory board at the branch office to the headquarters of the management or supervisory board when they selected.

Associations, where it deems necessary to carry out the activities of the association may open a representative office. Management may open representative offices established by the decision. The address of the representative, the board as a representative appointed by the decision of the person or persons will be notified in writing to the local authority of the place. Representatives may not be represented in the General Assembly. Branches open representation.

Charter amendments can be made by a General Assembly resolution. The General Assembly in order to participate in the General Assembly bylaw amendments and the members entitled to vote with a 2/3 majority is required. In case the meeting is postponed due to lack of majority, provided not required majority in the second meeting. However, the number of members attending the meeting, the management and supervisory board members may not be less than twice the integer. Regulation attending the meeting decided majority required for the amendment of the members entitled to vote of 2 / is 3'ü'. changes in regulation of the General Assembly voting shall be open.

The General Assembly may at any time decide to dissolve the association. General committees to participate in the General Assembly to discuss the dissolution of the members present and entitled to vote, a 2/3 majority is required. In case the meeting is postponed due to failure of the majority is not required majority in the second meeting. However, the number of members attending the meeting, the management and supervisory board members not less than twice the total number. The majority required for the decision of termination decisions taken at the meeting and the members entitled to vote of 2 / is 3'ü'. termination decision is made in the General Assembly vote on.


When the General Assembly termination decision is made, the association's money, consisting of the assets and rights of the liquidation of the last members of the board are made by the liquidation committee. These procedures will be the General Assembly decision on the dissolution or self-start from the date of expiration finalized. Association for all transactions during the liquidation period called "Liquidation World Cerebral Palsy Association - DÜNSEV" will be used. The liquidation committee, according to the association's currency legislation, to complete the liquidation process of the assets and rights from end to end and is authorized officials. This committee first examines the association's accounts. During the examination of the books of the association, receipts, upon the identification of bank records and other documents connected with the land and the assets and liabilities in a report. It is urged to take the association during the liquidation process and cost, if any, paid by cash to the creditors. It will be allocated in the event that the creditors of the Association. The collection of receivables and payment of debts remaining after all money, goods and rights are transferred to the location specified in the General Assembly. The General Assembly, most members of the association at the time is transferred with the purpose of determining places in the province where the association is not to be transferred to the nearest and termination. All transactions are shown on the liquidation report and liquidation procedures for liquidation, administrative authorities on the basis of a justified reason given except for an additional period will be completed within three months. Association money, goods and rights of liquidation and transfer operations following completion of the liquidation committee by the state seven days in an article by the reports to the administrative authority of the location of the headquarters of the Association and must also add this article to liquidation proceedings. Keeping members of the last board installed capacity of liquidation the books and documents of the association. This task is a board member to be given the books and documents be kept for five years.

The Law on Associations on matters specified in this Statute, the Turkish Civil Code and the Law Society Regulation removed the reference to the relevant provisions of the association and other regulations.

WORLD all transactions made under the name of Association of cerebral palsy after World Cerebral Palsy Association - will continue under the name DUNSEV.