I Gokhan Alparslan ... Who am I ... am I ...

This story involuntary, giving life to fight, to win the victory of disability is a human adventure, including the success of the resistance.

Healthy nature, but bilirubin called elevation ranging from blood as a result of a severe jaundice, the cerebellum as a result of lack of oxygen prevents the physical hardware of physical Cerebral Palsy called the anatomy of a person who suffered from cerebral palsy table below.

The event dates back 40 years.

After the blood exchange, unable to keep his neck, unable to sit down, his back to the age of six lying, walking on his knees until the age of twelve, fourteen-year-old walking to work I Gokhan Arslan's come to today, life 3-0 defeat beginning of an individual, terrific resistance's perseverance and his family He does not live with, not called, can not perform the first circuit UmUdUr long evolution of a team leaving the field after 90 minutes with a determination to win 6-3 3-0 defeat hung depletion of these people.

The authorities until the eighties cerebral palsy do not consider their children's education they and their children go to school, some educators families to take receipt of your children, as a result of approach of the other children are afraid was happening that children's education prevented.

But the family and the environment arose a great effort. Gokhan maybe it was one of those people who only education in generations. Do not go to school, can not sit on the school desk, which can not wear uniforms, not no friend of Jennifer, his parents and primary school before finishing in a familiar triangle tutorial. Behind the school and enters a bank examination by finishing high school. Fifteen years working in that organization would be retired.

Gokhan can not do any sports because of physical imbalance. However, learning to swim in the sea during the summer, go to the pool. But this hobby is not enough for him.

A friend of the President of the Federation one day his father tells Gus's scouting you can do. Jennifer scouting the course, participate in the kind of scouting activities. It is located in the opening scouting activities in various parts of Turkey, and Turkey will win the title of one Spastic Scouts. Scouting represented Turkey in an Olympics held every four years in 1995 as the National Scout Leader qualify. Represent Turkey in the Netherlands. Then in 1999, in South America, in the 2003 Olympics held in Thailand where Scouting alır.150 the world in this game attended by scouts from a foreign country thousands of single Spastic Scout Leader will win the title. Attracting great interest to the participants of the game is Gokhan kinds of awards. Collect the international crests, badges and awards, including the international Jamboree (Scouting Olympics) is named after the world's first Scout leaders consisting of rigging "Baden Powell's Glittering World" a school tent in scouting activities in income Elmadağ which brings the booklet and obtained, scouting clothes and It establishes a nomad organization to meet their needs. Life force is a founding member of the sports club.

Gokhan has a vision of his own life. Gus's life is a life of encyclopedias. People with disabilities as healthy as people believe in the right to life. "We are not on another planet, we live in this world. No, our difference from each other, we are also human beings. "